The Great Toad Extravaganza

Many exciting activities have been occurring on the conservation volunteer front at Moelyci Environmental Centre. We have been working on a bat hotel with renowned bat ecologist Sam Dyer. We currently have a small roost of lesser horse shoe bats and the aim of the renovation work is to improve this roost, with the aim of it eventually becoming a maternity roost for these extremely cute, furry, flying, mammals! We’ve also been studying toads in the great toad extravaganza which took place throughout February and early March. On our peak night we counted well over 1000 toads in just an hour and a half with there were significantly more males than females.

We have also run some interesting otter spotting events along the Afon Cegin and the Afon Ogwen. Both these rivers had evidence of otter activity, with the Afon Ogwen in particular boasting many fresh spraints. Other exciting news is that otter spraint has been found on Moelyci, on a tributary of the Cegin!! Other successful events and courses include the wildflower walk along Lon Las Ogwen, an introduction to newts which allowed volunteers to get up close and personal with these fascinating amphibians and an introduction to mosses which showed just how versatile these plants really are!

Come along to one of our exciting events , courses or volunteer days – There’s always something going on!!

Mary-Kate Jones

For more information about Moelyci and opportunities available please go to:


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