All Change for BTCV

The 1st May brings with it a new face for one of Environment Wales core partners.  BTCV have made the brave decision to do some re-branding and this includes changing the name.  From now on we will be known as:

The Conservation Volunteers (TCV)  We believe that we deserve better recognition for the amazing work that we do.  According to Rita Clifton, chairman of TCV, the new name is easier to say and easier to remember.  It respects our history and defends our territory as the organisation that invented conservation volunteering.  It talks about the people who are at the heart of what we do, our volunteers.  We’ve been reclaiming green places for the last 53 years and our work is needed, now more than ever.

A third of the UK’s natural assets are in danger of being lost or degraded and it’s the small community spaces – parks, playing fields and allotments which are most vulnerable.  That’s where The Conservation Volunteers exist.  We will continue to make sure everyone can enjoy good quality green spaces and to have fun whilst doing so.

There is no doubt that this process will not happen overnight, we have a lot to do – informing all our partners, changing logos, signs, leaflets, business cards etc etc and we still need to get everything translated into Welsh, but when the process is finished we will have a brand that is recognisable; bringing wider benefits to us as an organisation and to the people we work with.

Our new website looks great and is a lot easier to use so take a look at and please help us to spread the word.

The Conservation Volunteers look forward to working with you.

Julie Furber, TCV Development Officer


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