Just another working day in the life of an Environment Wales Development Officer

It’s pretty hard to not get distracted when the stunning blue of a flight of swallows thrashes past as they busy themselves feeding in a master class of aerial acrobatics.  Hedge and house sparrows are busy chirping, hopping and zipping from bush to shrub foraging for food, buzzards are calling in the far distance and I am surrounded by blue skies and the lush green countryside of the Vale of Glamorgan.

 The sun is out and is shining down on the Coed Hills forest garden where its volunteers are talking to me so passionately about their dreams and aspirations for pushing the project forward. I was visiting Coed Hills to discuss a Project Grant which would enable the group to improve access, interpretation and propagation ideas. We also discussed the benefits of developing a fungi project; all of which was very exciting and would be very beneficial to all involved or visiting the project.  Watch this space…….

The Coed Hills Forest Garden really has become and area of productivity with each plant, herb, whip, shrub planted meticulously with thought and care put into its position and its reason for being there. The Forest Garden has been transformed from a green desert with little to no life into a thriving space for food and medicinal flora, a haven for wildlife and an area for volunteers to take part and enjoy. Through hard work and dedication this growing space has become a real asset for the project and an area that is well worth a visit to learn, volunteer or to simply take a stroll in the sun.


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