Happy Birthday EW

Environment Wales is thrilled to announce that it, an initiative that has seen almost £60 million invested in projects, securing more than 1,400 jobs and helping Wales lead the way in sustainable development, is celebrating its 20th anniversary.

Across the years the Environment Wales partnership has been instrumental in the development of 2,200-plus project across the country, ranging from recycling and community growing to habitat management and marine conservation.

Our mix of grants and developmental support has enabled over 200,000 volunteers to access a multitude of environmental volunteering opportunities, with more than 100,000 weeks of volunteering time spent improving and enhancing the environment.

A total £9 million awarded in grants by Environment Wales has helped to lever in a further £50 million of other public, private and volunteer-costed support, representing more than a combined 555 per cent return on investment.
Minister for Environment and Sustainable Development, John Griffiths, AM, commented that its achievements and unique way of working had established it as the Government’s flagship sustainable development initiative, saying: ‘It makes a big difference throughout Wales and says much about how people want to help to look after their communities.

‘The success of Environment Wales is due to the collaboration of core partners providing developmental support to voluntary organisations. This has enabled more than 200,000 volunteers, contributing over 100,000 weeks of volunteering time, to undertake activities across Wales.

‘I would like to applaud this unique and accomplished partnership that has ensured the development and funding of more than 2,200 projects Wales-wide, some of which have developed into the country’s finest innovative environmental ventures.

‘I also applaud everyone involved with Environment Wales and the good work carried out by the Grants Advisory Panel, Steering Group and core partners in advising, selecting and helping third sector organisations to achieve so much.’


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