National Trust Wales Scoops Top Green Award

The National Trust in Wales was very pleased to have the work of our two Environmental Practices advisors, Keith and Paul, recognised by the Ashden Awards. Their work to reduce our energy use and instal renewables across Wales has resulted in  the charity saving  £280,000 a year, and has cut our annual CO2 emissions by 1,700 tonnes.  Over the last two years over a hundred Trust properties in Wales have been insulated, and numerous solar, hydro and ground source heat pump power systems have been installed generating over 700MWh a year.

 Presenting the £20,000 Ashden Gold Award to the National Trust Kevin McCloud of Channel Four’s Grand Designs said: “Among all the weapons in our armoury in the fight against climate change, the Ashden Awards is a powerful one. By celebrating human change – in how we live, how we travel, how we build and maintain our homes, how we invest – it shows us what’s possible for us all to achieve.”



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