Searching for wildlife in Swinchiard

The Conservation Volunteers are ready to start a biodiversity project near Swinchiard Brook in Flint. Thanks to funding from Heritage Lottery Fund and Environment Wales, one of the project officers will be working with a whole host of individuals and groups to show them what wildlife can be found on their doorstep.

Wildlife identification training days and events will be hosted at this urban reserve to start building a full picture of species that can be found there.  The site is unique as it forms a wildlife corridor between the Dee Estuary up to the wooded area at Halkyn mineral mines.  Despite being in the centre of Flint, we already know that there are bird species such as greenfinch, dippers, kestrel and songthrush as well as common toads and brown trout.  The grants will allow us to monitor for mammals, invertebrates, birds, flowers, trees and reptiles using local experts and training volunteers from the community at the same time.  The Conservation Volunteers are working closely with Flintshire Council Biodiversity Officer and will be recording the data using the Local Biodiversity Records Centre, Cofnod.

The project is really exciting as it combines the monitoring of biodiversity with community engagement in a truly urban setting.  So far the project has seen a lot of interest, with more than 50 people attending the launch event.  This is set to be a really exciting project for everyone involved and I’m looking forward to seeing the results.

Julie, The Conservation Volunteers Development Officer


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