A Pheonix from the Ashes

Ive just been to see a new project officer at one of my groups. It always a bit worrying as we know that the right person is crucial to the success of our projects that receive management grant funding. Well three hours spent with the new officer confirmed what I felt in the first five minutes and I could understand why they were willing to wait three months for him to be free to start the post. He seems absolutely spot on with a good business head but a keen understanding of sustainable development and also an experienced hands on woodland manager, he is also a qualified trainer, what more could you ask for? On top of this he is being mentored by someone I think is nothing short of the guru of sustainable woodland management and much more beside. So my visit was a great success and I have high hopes for this project all things being equal. So why the pheonix you ask. Well both these men have been here before as contractors in this same wood and marvelous things were created, a huge light and airy workshop, compost loos put in, some pathways created and parts of the woodland brought into management. However when the substantial project funding ceased so did the group that had been given it and the land owner took it upon itself to tear down all the infrastructure that had been created and walk away. So now here we are back at the begining again with a different group, a real one with a firm base and a real mission and two men who still have so much faith in this idea that they are willing to put aside the loss of all the work they did before and start again to see their dream of a show case for sustainable woodland mangement in Ceredigion realised.


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