Welsh Biodiversity boosted by fund

A grant scheme aimed at helping organisations to deliver positive outcomes for S42 priority species and habitats in Wales is available through funding from the Welsh Government and Countryside Council for Wales (CCW).

The Biodiversity grant scheme is delivered by Environment Wales and is administered by Wales Council for Voluntary Action (WCVA).  The scheme is in its third year and to date has allocated over £306,000 which has enabled organisations to undertake projects that benefit native habitats and species of principal importance for conservation of biological diversity in Wales.

Alison Colebrook, Environment Wales Development Officer explained;

“The biodiversity grant scheme has enabled projects across Wales to deliver positive outcomes for Welsh wildlife. Without the support of the Environment Wales grant, many of the projects may not have been possible.”

Wales-wide projects that have secured funding from the Biodiversity grant scheme includes a survey project undertaken by the Deer initiative, to establish the distribution of non-native Japanese Sika deer, native red deer and potential hybrids in West Wales, securing the future of the Anglesey water vole population through the capture of mink by Menter Môn and a restoration and a grazing project aimed at managing 82.5 Ha of large valley fen wetland by North Wales Wildlife Trust.

Gareth Cunningham, Marine Policy Officer for RSPB explained how the grant helped the Seabirds Cymru project;

“The biodiversity grant enabled the RSPB to undertake essential research into the feeding habits of key species including kittiwakes and razorbills. Understanding the feeding behaviour of these species helps to inform future management and begin to address the issues causing the population declines we are seeing, particularly in kittiwakes, and ultimately help these species to stabilise and recover.”

Image of Kittiwakes supplied with permission by RSPB

The Biodiversity grant scheme is open to organisations in the third sector, the maximum grant available is £10,000 and applicants need to demonstrate that their project can deliver positive outcomes for S42 habitats and species i.e. those listed under Section 42 of the 2006 Natural Environment and Rural Communities Act or that it will prevent or control the spread of a priority invasive non native species.

For more information about the scheme and how Environment Wales can support your project please visit www.environment-wales.org or contact info@environment-wales.org


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