Swimming the final challenge

The new year has inspired us to get on with our 4 seasons challenge.  We’ve had a quiet few months with the build up to Christmas and now it’s time to get back on it.

Our last challenge was the Half Marathon, unfortunately some of us had to drop out with health problems.  It was a shame as a lot of training and hard work had gone into this section of the challenge but I guess running isn’t for everyone.  Luckily Alison Colebrook and Sara Wynne-Parri did us proud in the  Cardiff Half Marathon and flew the Environment Wales flag high.  The other team members are in training to replace this with an alternative race or challenge.

As you may recall, our fourth challenge is a swim.  I have just registered with Swimathon to do a 5km swim in April.  Training has started but there’s a big leap from 30 minutes to the 2 hours plus I expect it will take.

We are less than 50% way to our DoNation target so please help us to improve it.  It’s easy, you just chose an activity (e.g. turning the lights off, composting food waste) and it will calculate your carbon reduction.  Our aim is to save 10,000 kg CO2. http://www.thedonation.org.uk/doers/team-environment-wales/4-seasons-challenge

If you want more information on this years Swimathon, visit http://www.swimathon.org/

Julie, TCV DO


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