A new start…

As some of you may of heard, The Conservation Volunteers have down sized in Wales cutting back on a lot of project activity, unfortunately this included pulling out of the Environment Wales initiative.  TCV has been involved with the initiative for a long time and has done a great deal to shape volunteering in Wales through hundreds of projects working with many volunteers and communities.  As the Development Officer, I was really sad to leave the organisation but I will always be pleased to say that I was part of a team that made such a difference.

Luckily for me, Environment Wales stepped in to provide me with a temporary host.  In order to continue to deliver support through the initiative, we need to have a full team of Development Officers.  I have therefore been hosted with Wildlife Trusts Wales while the steering group make some important decisions on the future pathway and what essential qualities we will be looking for in the next core partner.

I have been incredible lucky to work with Environment Wales and have the support of the team.  I am also extremely pleased to still be working with the many groups out there who continue to show me the value of volunteering and the benefits it has to our environment.

Julie Furber

Development Officer, Wildlife Trusts Wales


Eisteddfod, 2012


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