DO you know?

My role as Development Officer leads me in many directions with every day seemingly different from the last. I work from Groundwork North Wales’s office in Tanyfron, near Wrexham and although my role is non geographical; most of my project groups are in North Wales. My role involves quite a lot of travel to areas of Wales that I would never usually visit and meeting with lots of wonderful people dedicated to improving their environment.

I recently had a new enquiry from our Environment Wales office in Cardiff, the group were right on my doorstep; I called the lead contact and arranged to meet them on site. I met the group and they took me for a walk around their site, pointing out bee orchids, helleborines, old gnarled oaks and banks of wild flowers full of scent, their plan for the site was to improve the biodiversity aspect of the site and remove non native conifer species.

Whilst walking around I introduced them to Environment Wales, the registration process, the grants available and how we could help the group through development officer support. The group was keen to benefit from Environment Wales support and it was clear that they ticked all the boxes, improving the local environment the community and having lots of volunteer input.

My role of support for a group starts on day one, some groups need more help to establish themselves than others, my new group needed advice on adopting policies, I advised them on the policies that they should be adopting and what they should include, focusing on tailoring their policies to their individual needs and work.

My work involves a good deal of hand holding in the initial stages of registration,  helping groups with filling out our forms and encouraging them to bring out their aims and objectives to best promote their projects. I enjoy working with a variety of projects and I am always on hand to help support or provide encouragement!

Geraint hughesGeraint Hughes is one of our team of Dedicated Development Officers that work throughout Wales. If you would like help and support for your project and believe Environment Wales is for you, please get in touch: or 02920 431727. We look forward to hearing from you!


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