Pembroke 21 C

Over the last year you may have noticed some green and yellow local food logos in some of the food shops, cafés, pubs and markets in the town. Our Pembroke Can Make a Difference (PCMAD) group has been allowed use of the logo by the Plunkett Foundation as a symbol for the local food project they have been running. The primary aim of the Pembroke Food project is to encourage local people to buy, grow and eat more local and seasonal fruit and vegetables. A secondary aim is for other sustainable behaviour changes to be made with the eventual reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Funded by Environment Wales Supporting Sustainable Living (SSL Stage 2) grant the project undertook a baseline and finish questionnaire and ran a series of social marketing events and activities to persuade people to make the changes. Full information on the project is to be found on the website A final report has been written on the project which although demonstrated a change by those engaged, flagged up a number of issues and problems that the members of PCMAD feel should be re-addressed to demonstrate a clear improvement. They have therefore applied for a further SSL Stage 2 grant to enable them to do this. They want to:

  • Put local growers and producers directly in touch with shops, cafés, pubs and markets and vice versa so that local good gets into local shopping baskets;
  • Engage with people in a much more hands on way with practical events to get people cooking and gardening rather than just showing them;
  • Make improvements to the website so that more people pledge and keep short term food diaries by making them more prominent and celebratory
  • Continue the container garden at the back of Foundry House and start the new  community garden at St Oswald’s to make growing more exciting and fun;
  • Set up a community stall at the Farmers Market where local gardeners can sell their surplus produce;
  • Get more local groups involved with the project to host events and spread the word Take events and activities to where you are – local shops, Farmers Market, schools etc rather than expecting you to come to them.

Finally the group has been allowed to take over the Low Carbon Cook Off project from the Eco Centre Wales and will be taking these fun cooking competitions around the community.

If you are interested in the project, helping with any aspect of it or hosting an event please contact Pembroke 21 C at Foundry House. If you would like a copy of the report please send an e-mail request to


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