Team residential @ trigonos

Every year the Environment Wales (EW) team attend a residential to discuss operational and strategic issues and how we can improve the way we work. This year we ventured to a beautiful site in Caernarfon owned and managed by a group called Trigonos. The site of the same name is a multi-purpose residential centre, located in the village of Nantlle. The centre caters for groups that are looking to retreat to a space which inspires learning and discovery – and it certainly fulfilled those objectives for the team.

do res 2Over 2 days the team undertook a series of activities which involved revising our monitoring procedures – to make it easier for our groups to report to us about the excellent work they do within their projects and give more time to help them achieve that. We also took part in team building training – which proved to be an enlightening experience, in some way or other, for us all. The activities – in particular, the physical challenges- gave us an opportunity to prove how well we work as a team and how we effectively support each other. After a day filled with activities the team held a Development meeting where several projects were registered to join the Environment Wales network and examples of good policies, researched by the Development Officers (DO), was disseminated to the team. This information will enhance both current and future policy development advice for EW projects.

DO resIn addition to our work at the site, the visit to the group was also significant for EW as the Trigonos Land Use and Environmental Project has been registered with the initiative for over 13 years. Judy Harris, one of the organisations founders, took the team on a guided tour of the 18 acre site, 4 acres of which is cultivated growing land, and explained how the group have managed and developed the area into the space it is today. The environmental project has just been awarded funding to improve access to the small woodland and nearby freshwater lake by restoring a permissive footpath so that visitors and local people can enjoy their local environment.  The team were lead through the woodland to view the degraded path in its current form and Judy explained what the group planned to do in order to re-establish it. She also provided the team with a tour of their impressive growing site which was full of fruit and vegetables that the group use to feed the guests at Trigonos.

Team building It was a very intensive 2 days but a pleasure to visit one of our registered projects and see what they have achieved and how they make a positive difference within their community by facilitating access to the environment.

For information about Trigonos and what they are all about please go here


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