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Environment Wales is unique in the service it provides to the projects it supports. Many groups approach us with an interest in registering to receive such support from a dedicated Development Officer. Each month applications are put forward for review and are discussed to determine their suitability as an EW registered project. The team assess the strengths, capacity and sustainable practices as well as the overall aims and objectives of the project. Then the team makes a decision about registering the project with Environment Wales. For those that are successful, they are granted registration status and permitted access to a range of grants available to develop their project. If a group is unsuccessful the team continues to provide support to enable them to discover other options. They also assist them to redevelop the project they want to undertake which may be suitable for future registration. Environment Wales registers up to 30 projects a year. Each is diverse in its aims and objectives but they all have one thing in common which is their commitment to Sustainable Development and action on the environment. The following posts give details of projects recently registered with Environment Wales, together with their location, website and principal activities – we hope you are inspired!



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