Environment Wales funding gives Three Crosses Village a boost!

Three Crosses Village Trust in Swansea has obtained a pre-project grant from Environment Wales of £5000. Cllr. Paxton Hood-Williams, Chairman of Three Crosses Community Council and Trust, said that it was one of the original objectives, set by Three Crosses Community Council, to increase biodiversity across the village.  The funding will enable the Trust to have a Biodiversity Survey across the village and identify and formulate plans and firm projects to maintain and improve our environment.   They will be working closely with the consultants, The Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales, to perform the survey and will be involving the community at every stage. The survey will provide the base situation against which they will be able to monitor the effectiveness of any bio-diversity projects carried out, in addition the survey will identify such potential projects.

They are committed to working with individuals and groups to deliver these improvements. Indeed a number of groups including Crwys primary school have already said that they are keen to participate, and they welcome support from any other groups and individuals, who want to get involved in this exciting project. Naturally, they will be keeping residents informed of progress via our quarterly village newsletters and web site.

Environment Wales are very excited about the project and look forward to working closely with them.


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