DO you know?

Hi I’m Andy, and I’ve just started with Environment Wales. It’s been a busy but really great start getting out to meet some of the groups. I can’t believe how much goes on out there with so many people working so hard to do their bit for the environment.

Mini_Design_Guidelines_10b woodland trustMy core partner role is with the Woodland Trust working in their Welsh team ‘Coed Cadw’. I had my first get-together with the team at the Royal Welsh Show helping out on the stand. As well as meeting the team it was a good opportunity to learn all about the work they’re doing across Wales. The Woodland Trust launched a partnership with Llais y Goedwig (they represent community woodlands) at the show and I’ll be working with them for some of my core partner time too – so there’s plenty for me to learn.

I’ve always had an interest in the environment and began my career working with seals and wildlife for the RSPCA and other smaller wildlife and conservation organisations. After 6 years working hands on, I restudied in journalism and have been working in PR and communications for a number of years until June this year when I joined Environment Wales and the Woodland Trust.

Outside of work I paint (oil painting mainly) and trail run. I also have a (small) small holding, growing veg, keeping bees, pigs and poultry in Corris, which just about fills up every moment of my free time!



Andy Richards

Environment Wales Development Officer

Follow Andy on Twitter @Andycorris1


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