4 Seasons Challenge

4 Seasons Challenge

To celebrate 20 years of Environment Wales, some members of the team are going to complete our 4 seasons challenge.  Over the year, we will train and complete four challenges that will not only test our mental and physical capabilities but will also promote the fantastic work that staff and volunteers do as part of their day to day work within their registered projects.

Our challenges will include:

– Cycle the Taff Trail (53 miles),
– Hike in and around Snowdonia,
– Run a half marathon or more (13.1 miles),
– Swim 3 miles; and
– plenty of training, getting wet and exhausted.

Motivation is key in training and the thought of groups, core partners and individuals supporting our campaign through pledging a single action will keep us dedicated, enthusiastic and determined to complete our challenges.

We hope to visit a number of our groups on the way, so if you would like to get involved, please let us know.  You can join us for a section or we can pop in for a drink and a biscuit.  If you’re not en route, we would still appreciate your support, we are asking everybody to sponsor us but not by giving us money.  We want you to create change.

DoNation works much like any other sponsorship page but with 1 exception; there is no money involved.  The only currency that we’re interested in is CO2.  People donate by doing.  The DoActions are simple chages to your lifestyle that reduce the amount of CO2 that we produce, they vary from cutting out meat to creating solar power.  All the actions have an environmental focus, so it’s all  for a great cause.

So, visit our DoNation page and pledge your support, by pledging one (or more) DoActions.  Some will be really easy, others take a bit more effort.  Our DoNation page is http://www.thedonation.org.uk/doers/team-environment-wales/4-seasons-challenge, but you can also follow our progress on Facebook, Twitter and our blog.


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