All set for challenge 2

Well, I have just about got over the bike ride and all of a sudden the hike is upon us.  In 3 weeks time, we will be heading up Snowdon.  As a member of the local rambling group, I thought this would be my easiest challenge until I saw the route Geraint has chosen for us.  It’s only about 15km but should take at least 8 and a half hours (and that doesn’t include lunch breaks).

Our first challenge is the ascent up Carnedd Y Filiast, the steepest route of the day, we will then follow the ridge to Mynydd Perfedd, Foel Goch and up Y Garn.  We then head to Devils Kitchen, up to the top of Glyder Fawr, across to Glyder Fach and then down the Miners Track.  I’m tired just thinking about it *YAWN!

I have done a bit of training, I did a 17 mile walk on Sunday, this was a good start but completely flat and I’ll hoepfully get up to Pen y Fan on Sunday.  Other than that, I’m hoping the good weather – not too sunny but preferably dry, beautiful scenery and great company will keep me going.

The 4 seasons challenge is to celebrate Environment Wales’ 20th birthday and we would like you to support us by clicking on our donation page  So far we have saved 2,531 kg of co2 which is a quarter of our target.  This saving has been made from people like you making tiny changes to their lifestlye including buying seasonal vegetables, using less plastic bottles or turning the washing machine down to 30 degrees.

I’m going to be going on about this for the whole year so you may as well, pledge now and do your bit to save the environment.  It really is easy.

Julie, TCV Development Officer


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