Happy Birthday Environment Wales

On the 1st April, we officially celebrated the 20th birthday of Environment Wales.  However, we didn’t do it with cake, party hats or a glass of champagne (unfortunately).  Sunday the 1st marked the beginning of the 4 seasons challenge.

We had originally planned to cycle from Brecon to Cardiff, but we were struggling to get there on public transport so we went for the easier option of going from Abergavenny.  Our first challenge was to get us all on the train with our bikes, luckily the nice Arriva train guard helped us find space and we headed off.  Arrived, put on some sun tan lotion, had the obligatory photo and we were ready to go.All was going well, until 3 minutes in when Steves bike broke.  We then cycled round Abergavenny to find a bike shop but there was none open so Steve had to head home (he assures us he will repeat the challenge later on in the year).  We then went in search of cycle route 42.  This should have been easy and it was after cycling up and down the main street 4 times.

We then had a lovely cycle along the canal path to Talybont, the sun was shining, spirits were high and our flag was flying (the stoney tow path was not going to beat us).We reached Talybont, admired the view and had a sandwich before the uphill slog started.  4.5 miles of uphill pain…..it just keeps going and going.  We all made it up, felt like the hard work was done until we realised we still had 35 miles to go.  Still, said Gareth ‘at least the rest is down hill.’  I wish….every small hill felt like a mountain, by the end of it my legs were killing.

We made it back to Cardiff at about 6.30pm where we headed straight for a pint.  Our final mileage was recorded at 68.8 miles and we were still smiling.  A great day was had by all, the pain was soon forgotten and now all we remember is the great company and the wonderful countryside.

While we were cycling, Geraint was also doing his own cycle challenge in North Wales, so I think a big shout out should go out to all the Development Officers and our supporters who turned out on the day.

Next challenge is a hike up Snowdon in June when we will be heading up the horseshoe pass.  Fingers crossed, that the weather is as kind.

Please continue to support us by pledging actions on DoNation.  Our target is to save 10,000kg of co2.


Thanks everyone



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