Not the best start!!

A long car journey home with friends (work colleagues) was the birth place of another genius idea. There is only so much eye spy and the linerick game that you can play. We all wanted a fitness challenge, as me and Stevo are dads to be and wanted to be active and healthy whilst Julie was determined to undertake a few challenges this year therefore what better way to celebrate Environment Wales’ 20th Birthday than to undertake a series of challenges and encourage our groups, friends, family and work colleagues to sign up to our DO Nation page.

With the challenge in mind I was motivated to start my challenge last week and cycled to and from work a couple of times before having my first real test; and after only a week of training.

Yes, my bike was pinched.

Stolen, nicked, pinched, taken, thieved, filched, whipped, pilfered, lifted, robbed.

Devastated. Not the best of starts to the challenge and with the cycle the first of our challenges, not really the start you would want, especially as I have cancelled the gym, put squash on the back burner and had accepted fresh air and chlorine as my new best friends.

So with no bike, until the insurers help me out, I have focused my attention on swimmining.  Budgie smugglers, arm bands and snorkel at the ready! The thought of swimming 3 miles is a very daunting prospect but with some good avice from work colleagues I have made a start.

So folks, fingers crossed that my bike will get sorted soon as other wise somebody will either a. Have to give me a backie down the Taff Trail or b. Go tandem with me.

I am looking forward to a year of hills and rain, blisters and chafidge and arm bands and lycra.

Watch this space


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