The little things make it all worthwhile

Day 6 on the bike getting ready for the Environment Wales 4 Seasons Challenge to celebrate Environment Wales 20th Birthday.  Never before has a birthday caused me so much pain.  Seriously…… bum hurts!!  How is this fun?  Definitely time to invest in some padded cycle shorts.  I fear this may feel similar to wearing a nappy; surely not attractive, but 53 miles without could make sitting down quite difficult.

In all honesty, I have moaned a lot this week.  I have cycled about 20 miles each day and every day there has been something to moan about….if it’s not the pain, it’s the hills or the gates or the dogs that run in front of me or the waiting to get across the road.

Yet, today the smallest thing made me stop and smile.  While cycling through a car park in Caerphilly, mentally preparing myself for the mountain (well small hill) ahead, I noticed a bullfinch tweeting away in the hedgerow.  I can guarantee I wouldn’t have seen him in my car and neither would I have seen the goosander on the River Taff as I cycled down to work.  It made it all worthwhile and far better than sitting in traffic on the M4.

The rest of my cycle ride was spent thinking about the amount of wildlife that lives on our doorstep; the species that find their homes next to our towns and cities and how well they can adapt to the harsh conditions that we provide.  While the population continues to grow, it is so important that we provide these habitats and I take my hat off (well cycle helmet) to all those volunteers who give up their valuable time making space for wildlife to flourish.

We are doing these challenges to promote Environment Wales and our network of groups who achieve amazing results every day all over Wales……suddenly, the pain doesn’t seem so bad anymore!


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