This weeks challenge is all about the weather

Friday brings challenge number 2 of 4.  I have been feeling quite confident about this next challenge.  I do quite a lot of walking so what’s a few extra hills to add to the equation?  I was quite shocked when Geraint mentioned that it would take 6 hours, not including a lunch break and realised that this would be quite a step up from what I’m used to, but the company would be good and the views would be amazing.

Over the last weekend, I planned to go on a couple of walks around Brecon in preparation.  However, Sundays walk was cancelled due to a weather warning and with Tuesdays forecast looking just as bad, I just couldn’t find the motivation.  Still, it could all change in a couple of days couldn’t it?……………not according to the Met Office

Fri 8 Jun

Overcast with outbreaks of rain throughout, persistent and heavy at times with hill fog, especially on western upslopes. Strong westerly winds will strengthen later in the afternoon, reaching gale-force at height.

So, yesterday I purchased some new waterproofs and tomorrow I will be purchasing plenty of energy bars.  We may need a change of route (don’t want anybody getting blown off) but come rain or shine, we will be tackling Snowdon.  At the low points we can remind ourselves why we are doing this – to celebrate 20 years of Environment Wales and to publicise the great work that are registered projects are doing every day.  It is also an opportunity for us to help people make small changes which will reduce their impact on the environment.  We are asking everyone to sponsor us by doing simple steps such as eating vegetarian for 1 day a week, or buying seasonal vegetables or cutting down on plastic for a couple of months.  If you haven’t already done so, please log on and help us to reach our target and pass onto to friends, families and colleagues.

The page will also tell you about the other challenges that we are doing over the year.  Please feel free to contact us and offer suggestions or even join us, after all we are doing this for all the groups that we work with across Wales.

Julie, TCV Development Officer


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Sharing Learning at the Climate Change Commission Wales

On 5 March 2015, I attended the 33rd meeting of the Wales Climate Change Commission – an independent body set up to advise the Welsh Government on climate change and to help mobilise action. I attend for WCVA (EW’s administrative core partner) as a representative of the third sector and see this as a key opportunity to share some of the insights gained from working with the 300+ EW registered project network.

The day started with an address from the Minister for Natural Resources and Food, Carl Sargeant. He outlined his aspiration for Wales to become a net carbon zero country and spoke about the need to challenge all sectors to take action on climate change and to make this a cross government priority. He later released a Ministerial Statement on the delivery of WG’s Climate Change Strategy which contained commitments to carbon budgeting, public sector leadership and a clear pathway to decarbonisation.

The day went on to include discussions around a range of issues including engagement of young people, energy efficiency, green growth, the role of the arts in culture change and recent research papers on green infrastructure and car clubs.

What struck me was that in almost all these discussions there was learning to be shared from EW funded projects – whether this was Cilgwyn Community Association’s feasibility study into a Rural Electric Vehicle Car Club, the Energy Diary project of the Household Energy Service, the Emergence project working to help embed sustainability within the arts sector or the countless woodland, community garden and site management projects that EW supports that contribute to green infrastructure. It made me feel very proud to be reminded once again how many EW supported projects are delivering so many different outcomes for people, for nature, for the green economy and for community resilience in the face of the climate change challenge.

More details about the work of the Climate Change Commission Wales can be found at

Clare Sain-ley-Berry, Environment Wales Coordinator

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