A new member of the EW Family?

On Friday I visited a new group for the second time. this is an organisation in Pembrokeshire of which I had heard many good things for many years but which at that time were not constituted in a way that we could work with. Now they are and I was very happy to be able to go along and discuss what the opportunities might be. They are doing so many things in order to help people with learning disabilities, an apple project to produce juice from existing neglected trees as well as preserving some old varieties and creating a new orchard, a horticultural project and one to reuse old wheel chairs by doing them up and sending them to the developing world. It’s this last one that gets me most interested as it is so different and could have such profound effects on people’s lives however, much as I like it, I probably have to accept we are not the obvious funder for that bit of their work! My contact is one of those people you feel instantly at ease with and already I can see this is a group it is going to be a privilege to help like so many other of our groups. We have decided not to name groups on this blog until they are registered so you’ll have to wait a few months to find out who this amazing group is. Jo National Trust EW Development Officer


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