Peace and Tranquility at the Mount Housing Estate

On Friday I went to monitor the two grants given in 2011 to the Tenants and Residents of the Mount in Milford Haven. You may be familiar with the estate from the fly on the wall TV series made about it last year. As always the centre was buzzing with people dropping in and out to ask questions or just for a chat. EW gives them a management grant to part fund a part-time woodland manager. This role has been incredibly successful not only at managing the woodlands, 30 acres of mature mixed deciduous, but also at getting a lot of young men who otherwise would be at a loose end to engage with the work. last year they also had a grant to set up a bodgers camp, this is a temporary camp in a woods where green woodworking takes place. It was a lovely walk through the woods to find this site including going to look at the pond which had burst its banks recently due to the amount of water coming down. When they were repairing the breach they found a large trout in the stream.

Further down we saw a new bit of boardwalk made using the tropical hardwood from the stairs on the estate recently taken out by the council and rescued from disposal.

The camp itself filled me with joy. To see young people so engrossed using a pole lathe to make the bits to make more pole lathes in a tranquil spot down near the estuary was inspirational. This group struggles to get funding for its core work and yet they are doing so much and really at grass-roots, people from the estate supporting each other. Kathy is particularly inspirational putting in so much volunteer time for her community.


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