recognising a volunteers’ hard work

I had a visit today for monitoring from almost the only group that ever comes to me, rather than me going to them. Janet and Vian Roberts, my main contacts with Pembrokeshire South East Energy Group, usually combine coming in to see me at my office at Newton House with some other trip at least twice a year and I probably go to see them about twice too. It is always such a pleasure to spend time with these two and exchange information about what is happening in renewable energy etc in Wales. It used to be me telling them things but now its them telling me as their knowledge of the issues has grown and grown. PSEEG is only a small group but various volunteers put a lot of time into encouraging people to look at their energy use, none more so than Janet and Vi who, in their retirement, have really devoted all of their spare time to this for several years now. So it was very pleasing to me to learn that Pembrokeshire Federation of Womans Institutes Science and Public Affairs Committee has asked Janet to come to a celebration of women who have inspired them as Janet has done by the work she has put in to setting up PSEEG. Janet does not want any plaudits but I know how special she is so it pleases me when others recognise it too. Jo National Trust EW Development Officer


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