Tiny Actions = Big Difference

Background to Tiny actions

Climate week is finally upon us and to help raise awareness the Environment Wales administrative team are undertaking a series of tiny actions we can do to help reduce our CO2 emissions.

The’ tiny’ actions consist of:

Monday:  ‘Computer says…ok’ the team turn off our computers for 1 hour (while undertaking tasks which don’t require the assistance of a computer).

Tuesday: ‘Not so fast food’ the team go for a low carbon rather than a low calorie option.

Wednesday: ‘Polly put the kettle on! or not?” Self confessed ‘tea bags’ the team go cold kettle and find alternative ways to enjoy tea without the excessive use of energy.

Thursday: ‘I bet its cold outside” The team will turn off the heating in their office and adopt the traditional saying ‘absence (of heat) makes you put on a thermal vest.’

Friday: ‘Share and share alike’ the team will share their experiences with their team within WCVA and amongst the initiatives core partners.

By the end of the week we hope that our mini journey will inspire some of you to make small changes to your lifestyle that will make a big difference.

For information on our progress visit our blog and Facebook page.


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