Tuesday: ‘Not so fast food’

This was the section of the challenge I personally wasn’t looking forward to. I, like many others, am a self confessed chocoholic, so undertaking this tiny action of consuming low carbon food was actually quite a big challenge for me as it was for my other team members.

So to get started, we had to think. What did we mean by a low carbon diet?

It’s not just a case of local food; you have to think about the emissions from the production, packaging, processing, preparation and waste of food! As the team’s normal diet is mainly vegetarian (Clare and Kate are both vegetarians), we don’t tend to consume processed meat or meat based products – so we were off to a good start! For lunch Clare brought in a selection of leaves from her veg box (all locally produced) as well as cheese from a local dairy farm. Myself, I had seasonal leek and potato soup (all locally grown).

How did we do?

We decided not to consume cups of tea throughout the day as well as forgo our usual chocolate fix. This was a conscious decision as we had to factor in transport of the food items and consider their origins. There are various studies around this and guidelines on what constitutes as ‘low carbon food,’ too numerous to mention here and we did not adopt an extreme approach. Although some might say lack of caffeine and snacks is taking it a bit far, however we didn’t become locavores1 for the day. One thing it did make us aware of, is that we need to take the time to think about the food we eat, how it arrived on our table, what it took to get there and what it will take to dispose of it. Luckily we were both very hungry and the only packaged food consumed was the cheese. It does go to show that making the right food choices isn’t always easy and does make us wonder what our future consumption might look like.

Source: : 1 www.locavore.co.uk


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