Unbelievable tranquility at Penllergare

Last week I visited a group that used to be part of the EW family but had drifted away. Now with additional help from two consultants/volunteers, both of whom used to work with me at the National Trust, the group is really moving forward, having secured some HLF funding, and wants to re-engage with the EW family because they feel it is invaluable as a source of networking and best practice. The site, of over 200 acres, was once the garden of a huge house abandoned when the smog of industrialisation made living just outside of Swansea a less attractive proposition. The gardens now have a neglected grandeur, mostly overgrown they still show glimpses of their former glory. The site is incredibly well used by locals but is also a haven for wildlife, I saw two pairs of grey wagtails and a dipper in our walk around. The task before the group is to make it a place suitable for all the current ‘stakeholders’ and at the same time to reveal some more of its former glory. What makes the site particularly wonderful is that, despite stretching from the motorway at one end to with in  a few hundred yards of a giant Tescos at the other and with housing and a golf course on either side, this valley is absolutely quite, a complete haven of tranquility. As you decend into the valley the traffic noise hushes and all is peace. If you would like to find out a bit more about the Penllergare Trust here is the link http://www.penllergare.org/html/welcome.html 

Jo, National Trust EW Development Officer


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