What makes EW special?

The whole of EW spent yesterday at our monthly development officer meeting at the NT base camp in Brecon. It was an unusually quiet meeting from the perspective of the usual routine of registering projects but it gave us a chance to sort out some bits and pieces and for Michelle, our organiser, to go over the intricacies of using all the new social media which she has sorted out so efficiently for us. We also looked at some of the minutiae of running the initiative including the complex issue of Community Interest Companies. We think these have much to offer a certain sort of community organisation but have to be sure we are supporting best practice and that the way an organisation is constituted does enable grass roots involvement. Part of the reason Environment Wales is still going so strong in its 20th year is the very fact that we try to avoid making too many hard and fast rules but look at each case on its merits. This has allowed us to move with the times and follow new insights in environmental or community practice. At times it can be quite hard work for those of us trying to thread our way between supporting communities in their incredible work but at the same time supporting their futures by ensuring they have a firm base on which to build. These monthly meetings are what makes EW so special, people from 9 different environmental organisations coming together laughing, joking, arguing and going away firmly cemented together as a team and better able to support the EW network because of that. Jo, National Trust EW development officer


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